Data Analytics in Power BI

Harnessing Insights with Power BI Data Analytics

Unlock the full potential of your data with our Power BI data analytics services. Our data experts help you visualize, analyze, and interpret your data in real-time, enabling data-driven decision-making and business intelligence. Discover valuable insights that drive efficiency, enhance productivity, and identify growth opportunities through our Power BI solutions. We have worked with several organizations in different industries who wanted to gain insights from their data and refine processes and increase ROI. 

Below are samples of dashboards developed for some of our clients.

  • HR Dashboard: The report below was designed for a HR Manager who wanted to see an overview of the organization in one place. It also provides information about upcoming document renewals as well as other important documents being tracked by their department. This view proved very helpful for their department as it kept them informed about everything that was important and highlighted areas that required urgent attention.


  • Stakeholder-level Dashboard: The report below was designed for C level executives who wanted a high-level view of the most important information from two business units.

  • Student Information Dashboard: The report below was designed for Directors and Principals of K-12 schools who wanted information about each student’s progress since they joined the school. The dashboard provides a side-by-side view of internal as well as external tests conducted for students.


  • Student Testing Information: The report below was designed for Principals of K-12 schools who wanted to report and monitor student progress on a school level and identify any discrepancies that were identified.


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